Thanks for your donation request inquiry. 

Bug Soother receives numerous requests for donations for varied reasons. We absolutely love supporting great causes and donating to non-profit organizations. We wish it were possible to donate to every important cause, but the truth is we're too small of a company to contribute to everyone.

*Requests for donations are reviewed weekly. Please give us at least ONE MONTH notice when requesting donations. Only donation requests submitted via the form below will be considered (ie: no social DMs, emails, phone calls, mailed letters, etc.)


In line with our principles, Bug Soother donates to non-profit organizations with the following focuses:

Golf fundraisers
Yoga festivals
Walk, swim or bike-a-thons
Disc golf fundraisers
Camping or trail hiking fundraisers
5K races
Outdoor concerts


    • The "Submit Donation Form" above. We will not accept requests via email, letters, phone calls, social DMs
    • 4 week lead time to ship.
    • 501(c) (3) tax form
    • Only 1 oz. Bug Soother bottles are available for donations. These are not available for resale.

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