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Simply Soothing, Inc., founded in 2003, manufactured natural personal care products and home goods in Columbus Junction, Iowa. In 2008, the state of Iowa suffered massive flooding and the post-flood stagnant water drew in many gnats, which made it difficult to be outside. The founder wanted to make a gentle bug repellent so her 5-month-old grandson could enjoy being outside. She developed a gentle, natural insect repellent, affectionally named Bug Soother® which smelled great, felt great on the skin, and was safe for her grandson.

After giving away samples to men visiting from the Carolinas to measure the flood waters, they showed up the next day to Simply Soothing’s storefront and bought out all the inventory. Word of Bug Soother spread throughout the region and the product kept selling out year after year.

Bug Soother has grown substantially over the years in popularity through word-of-mouth because it works great and smells great! Made with natural ingredients and essential oils, it effectively repels gnats and insects without any harmful chemicals or pollutants. The signature green bottle is what families reach for in the summer year after year.

In March 2021, Simply Soothing, Inc was purchased by Eco Lips, Inc, located in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. As the first certified organic lip balm on the market, the two businesses share similar values and a mission to produce high quality, good-for-you, natural products at affordable prices.

Bug Soother is now manufactured in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. You can find Bug Soother in over 10,000 retail locations nationwide and online at and Amazon.

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