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5 Bug Spray Mistakes You May Be Making

Tis the season for all things summer: camping, BBQs, patio dinners, baseball games, boating and hikes. Summer sun is nice, but the bugs? Not so much. Not only are they extremely pesky, but they can also carry diseases. Be sure you're applying your Bug Soother the "right" way. Check out these 5 bug spray mistakes you may be making:

1. You're applying Bug Soother before sunscreen.

Be sure you're slathering on the sunscreen first and then spritz on bug spray. The CDC recommends waiting 15-20 minutes for the sunscreen to take effect before applying bug spray.

2. You're not using enough.

You should apply it any time you're entering tall grass, leaf litter, or a forest, as well as at dawn or dusk. But don't let that stop you: your backyard, pool and boat are also places bugs lurk. One of the most common mistakes people make when it comes to bug spray is not applying it thoroughly enough or not reapplying after sweating or swimming.

3. You're not spraying your clothes.

Even though you think you're covered, bugs can still find a way up sleeves or pants and down socks. Give your whole body (including clothes) a spritz to ensure you didn't miss a spot.

4. Don't spray directly in your face.

To avoid irritating your eyes and accidently consuming spray, we recommend spraying your hands first and then rubbing into face.

5. You're spraying too close or too far away.

Spray at least 12 inches away from you and your green bottle. Be sure there's just enough without overcoating yourself. Rub into skin for extra reassurance. 

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