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Take a Hike!

With all of the talk about “social distancing” these days, it’s important to remember that “social distancing” doesn’t necessarily mean you have to stay stuck inside to be safe!

Spending time outdoors is an important activity for our family, as you might have guessed since we created our bug spray to spend more time out and about! 

As Covid-19 continues to spread across the USA and around the world, with many adults working from home and kids adapting to homeschooling, cabin fever is starting to kick in for most of us. It doesn’t HAVE to be this way. As long as we take precautions, such as not gathering in large groups, keeping at least 6 feet between ourselves and anyone not from our households, trying not to touch our faces, etc. there are ways to get out and about for some much-needed fresh air!


Many national, state, and local parks have stayed open during the coronavirus outbreak, and they are FREE to visit. Find a more isolated area of the park as you adventure through paths and trails you have been meaning to explore. Go biking, jogging, hiking, etc. just make sure to steer clear of crowded areas, and don’t forget to bring along your Bug Soother!

Explore your Neighborhood

Grab your dog, grab your kids, and go for a walk or a bike ride around your neighborhood. Become a “tourist in your own town” as you stroll around town, waving to your neighbors and strangers alike. As long as you make sure to keep a good distance from other community members, this is a fun way to actually SEE people out in the world, to make eye contact, and to not feel so alone. You may even notice some cool things about your community that you hadn’t noticed before! In many communities, neighborhoods have even begun hosting “scavenger hunts” where they decorate their doors and windows each week with different coordinated decorations, giving kids and parents alike something fun to search for in the community each week.

Go Camping

It’s finally spring, and the weather should (allegedly) start warming up soon. Start getting your camping gear ready and check to make sure you’re stocked up on Bug Soother. Then start planning where you’d like to camp for a few nights to get away from the world! (and in particular, from your house) Want something a little closer? Pitch a tent in your own backyard for something a little different.


Speaking of your backyard, now’s the time to get creative! Plant a flower or vegetable garden, have a movie party with your family, eat dinner on the deck, have a BBQ. Encourage your kids to come up with themes to turn your backyard into your own, private oasis! Have a dance party! Plan a game night! Maybe now’s the time to redesign your backyard, and let your family help you. Make sure you grab our mosquito repellent Bug Soother candle and pair it with our bug repellent, Bug Soother, to help keep unwanted biting guests away.

Look Up

Take a family field trip, or a romantic date outdoors in the evening. Check the weather and a sky chart to find a good night for some star watching, then grab a blanket and head to a remote location or even your own backyard to settle in for the “show.” Don’t have a telescope? You can even use most types of binoculars to get a little better view, or just enjoy the immense night sky with the naked eye!

Above all, just remember to be patient with yourself, and with others!

In times like these it can often feel like we are alone in our struggles, especially when we literally have to keep at least 6 feet between us and many of the people closest to us…but let’s not forget that we are all in this TOGETHER, and we WILL get through this. We have some hard times ahead, but when we work together, and have faith, we can accomplish incredible and beautiful things. So let’s please remember to be kind and love one another.


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