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How to Avoid Bug Bites While Camping: 5 Easy Tips

How to Avoid Bug Bites While Camping: 5 Easy Tips 

Summertime means outdoor fun! What's more fun than camping? Well, nothing...unless you're getting eaten alive by bugs. Bugs are the worst part about camping - and can make your outdoor escape unenjoyable. When you're packing your tent and heading out to the great outdoors, be sure to follow these 5 easy tips on how to avoid bug bites, so you can enjoy your time without the bothersome buzz. 

Tip #01: Use bug spray. This one is a no-brainer, but it's still worth mentioning. Make sure to pack some Bug Soother insect repellent and use it regularly, especially if you'll be near water or in heavily wooded areas. 

Tip #02: Bring along a mosquito net. If you're really worried about bugs, bring a mosquito net to hang over your tent. This will keep the pests from getting inside while you sleep. 

Tip #03: Wear long sleeves and pants. Another way to avoid bug bites is to cover up as much skin as possible. Wearing long sleeves and pants will help protect your skin from pesky biters. 

Tip #04: Avoid sweet-smelling lotions and perfumes. Bugs are attracted to sweet smells, so avoid using any scented products when you're outdoors. This includes fragrances in products like sunscreen and shampoo. 

Tip #05: Finally, do a quick check of your campsite for bugs before setting up your tent. Look for places where bugs might be hiding, like under rocks or in tall grass - especially if you're by standing water. If you see any signs of bugs, try to avoid that area when setting up camp. 

With these tips in mind, you'll hopefully be able to enjoy a bug-free camping trip this summer! 

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