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Being a B Corp: Our Doors are Always Open

It’s become increasingly common for people to distrust businesses. Who knows what’s really going on behind closed doors? Bug Soother wants to tell our story by joining forces with the Behind the B campaign. This March for B Corp Month, we’re opening the doors about our B Corp status - and showcasing the good we're doing and how we're using business as a force for good.

Responsible Business

The term ‘responsible business’ is used a lot. But as a business, who are we being responsible to? Companies that are B Corp Certified commit themselves to being responsible towards their workers, customers, communities, and the planet. And they prove it by making their impact report available to the public. It’s the responsible thing to do. 

(do we have our most recent report back yet?) I would only want to show our scores, not all the details behind them.


Without our customers, we're nothing. Making a positive difference in their lives is our top priority, and we work hard to consider what they want — not just what will make us profit. And we listen when they let us know how to do better. That’s one of our main B Corp commitments. 

Bug Soother invests in their employees by offering up 20 paid volunteer hours a year to give back to causes they care about. We also pay above minimum wage and proudly employ a diverse group of people. 

We create opportunities for organic and fair trade farmers around the world to live with dignity, support themselves and their families, and make a contribution to their communities. We not only care about our stakeholders, customers, and employees, but pledge to keep the environment protected and its inhabitants fairly treated.

We show up for each other. We act with empathy. We’re transparent. We’re growing our company not for personal gain but by developing our people into leaders who do the right thing. Because it’s great for the bottom line, but more importantly because it’s good for the world.

Want a shortcut to doing some good? Looking for the B while you shop and buying from #BCorps means you can be sure you’re contributing to better business. Businesses that support community and their employees.


Our environment is so precious. That’s why every decision we make considers its impact on the planet. Why? We believe in the power of natural, organic ingredients over products that are petroleum-based or loaded with chemicals like other brands. Plus, our production facility runs on100% renewable energy. Clearly, we don’t give lip service to sustainability – we live it every day.

Without a planet, there’s no business, period. That’s why all B Corps, including Bug Soother, are asked to monitor key things like their water and energy use and waste disposal processes. We're also 3 times more likely to use 100% low-impact renewable energy in comparison to ordinary businesses. 

Know what’s also good? How we source ingredients to ensure authenticity and that the growers receive a fair price – a practice that’s vital in helping developing communities share in our success. It supports coconut oil, cocoa butter, and sugar cane farmers and ensures their land is protected and sustained for future generations.


As a registered B Corporation, we’re using business as a force for good. This comes to life in many ways, from Fair Trade practices with the growers we work with, to being generous with our profits to create impact in the communities we serve. This creates a better quality of life for our staff, everyone we work with, as well as people who use our products every day. 

Our success as a company helps support these organizations and initiatives to foster a connection with nature, self, and each other. We give back to many non-profits, causes and initiatives. From supporting our local nature center - providing hands-on learning opportunities for beekeepers to promoting environmental stewardship though sustainable plantings and projects, Bug Soother dedicates 1% of our profits to giving back. 

We’re looking forward to a future where all business is a force for good. That’s why we’re proud to be part of the worldwide B Corp community, and we want you to join us on the journey. So get #BehindtheB! Let’s start an open conversation and do great things together!

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