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75 Times Bug Soother Might Come in Handy

This summer, you’re probably spending a lot of time outside. And every time you go outside, you bring your Bug Soother. With the help of some of avid users of Bug Soother, we’ve compiled a fun list of times where Bug Soother might come in handy. 

  1. Camping
  2. Golfing- And spending a lot of time in the woods looking for balls!
  3. Canoeing– it was fun until you realized you forgot your sunscreen AND your Bug Soother
  4. Watching Baseball
  5. Playing Baseball
  6. Catching Fireflies- As long as the gnats aren’t catching you, it’ll be fun!
  7. Building a Tree House
  8. Planting a Garden
  9. Swinging on a Tire Swing
  10. Jumping Rope
  11. Going on a Picnic- A travel-sized bottle will fit right in your picnic basket
  12. Climbing a Tree
  13. Reading Your Favorite Book Under a Tree
  14. Filling up your bird feeder
  15. Stargazing
  16. Selling lemonade
  17. Walking the Dog- Spray some Bug Soother on your dog to keep him smelling great AND keep the bugs away!
  18. Bird watching
  19. Going on a treasure hunt
  20. Smelling the flowers- While you’re at it, smell your Bug Soother too
  21. Photographing nature
  22. Taking a walk- And if it’s hot, stick your Bug Soother in the fridge beforehand, so it can help cool you down!
  23. Exploring a local park
  24. Going on a hike- Whether you’re in Iowa or Colorado or even the UK, Bug Soother is a must-have
  25. Taking a bike ride
  26. Picking up litter
  27. Watching the sunrise
  28. Watching the sunset
  29. Going on a first date- Unfortunately, bad dates can’t be repelled, but at least you will smell good!
  30. Hosting an outdoor movie night
  31. Water balloon fight!
  32. Completing an obstacle course- Build your own backyard course, or compete on American Ninja Warrior, but don’t let the bugs bother you
  33. Working on your newest landscape project
  34. Keeping your tiger gnat-free- And your elephants, giraffes, monkeys, chickens, exotic birds, and horses!
  35. Grilling out for a BBQ
  36. Attending an outdoor concert
  37. Yoga in the Park- The Downward Dog doesn’t work if you’re swatting the bugs
  38. Horseback riding- Spray it on the rider AND the horse!
  39. Spending the day at an amusement park
  40. Volunteering in the community
  41. Kayaking
  42. Whitewater rafting
  43. Hunting
  44. Fishing
  45. Watching fireworks
  46. Playing disc golf
  47. Rounding up the cows- And when you accidentally get “stung” by a stinging nettle as you stomp through the pasture, use Bug Soother to treat the sting.
  48. Chopping firewood– Winter’s not too far away
  49. Taking a trip to the local splash pad
  50. Geocaching
  51. Going for a run- And spray it in your shoes afterwards as a deodorizer!
  52. Taking a trip to the beach
  53. Playing polo
  54. Visiting the zoo- Good thing Bug Soother is safe for animals too!
  55. Showing animals at the county fair- Share it with 4H friends, and spray it on your cows, goats, dogs, and cats!
  56. Flying a kite
  57. Picking blueberries
  58. Going to a carnival
  59. Washing your car
  60. Mowing the lawn
  61. Watering flowers- Give your flowers a spritz of Bug Soother to protect them from Bugs too.
  62. Hosting a yard sale
  63. Attending an arts festival
  64. Taking a nap in the hammock
  65. Playing catch in the backyard
  66. Dining on the patio- Spray it around the area you will be sitting to make your evening enjoyable. And spray your screen door to keep those flies away.
  67. Covering up your sweaty smell
  68. Playing Bocce in your backyard
  69. Watching the solar eclipse on August 21, 2017
  70. Attending a rodeo
  71. Watching a parade- Who needs candy when you can get Bug Soother?
  72. Playing tennis
  73. Shopping at the local farmer’s market
  74. Paddle boarding
  75. Freshening up- In the heat of the day, Bug Soother is sure to make you smell GREAT! 

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